Broadway Nights: A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theatre - Seth Rudetsky
I come from a long line of musical theatre junkies. Some of my earliest memories are of listening to my parents' original cast recordings of various musicals and I was taken to see musicals from a very young age. Although these days I see much more straight theatre than I do musicals, I retain a fondness for musical theatre generally and for Broadway productions in particular.

This is a novel which is lots of fun for someone who loves musical theatre and of no interest whatsover to anyone else. Narrated by the author, with guest appearances by a number of Broadway stars (the only ones with whom I am familiar being Kristen Chenoweth, Jonathan Groff and Ann Harada), it's clearly a roman à clef. This means that Broadway insiders (who presumably all read the book when it was first published) would get more out of it than the average Broadway fan. It's also a fairy tale, a romantic comedy and a vehicle for the author to share his views on a range of subjects. Added to that, it imparts lots of interesting information about the way in which a musical gets from audition stage to opening night. And it's genuinely funny, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

That said, the work is rather too long for its content. It's also predictable and not terribly original. In addition, I hope that the author doesn't have the issues with his mother that the fictional narrator has. If he does, I really feel for the mother whose self-centredness is displayed for all to read about.

In spite of the novel's shortcomings, this was just what I needed after listening to an audiobook of the wonderful but very depressing Jude the Obscure: a silly bit of fluff which makes me want to head straight to New York to see another show or three. A solid 3-1/2 star read.