Thrones, Dominations - Dorothy L. Sayers, Jill Paton Walsh I liked this book more than I expected to and less than I wanted to. I've been on a bit of a Dorothy L Sayers binge recently. Or rather, I've been on a Peter and Harriet binge, as over the past few weeks I've re-read the four novels involving them one after the other. I remember hearing about Thrones, Dominations when it was first published, but didn't read it at the time. Always very wary about anything which could be classed as fan fiction, I was pleasantly surprised that Jill Paton Walsh struck the right tone for Peter and Harriet most of time. However, there were a few occasions when I thought that DLS would never have had Peter (or Harriet, or Bunter) say or do a particular thing - and it jarred unpleasantly. Still and all, I enjoyed being able to spend more time with one of my favourite literary couples. And I am very glad that I have two more instalments to go!