Fallen: A Novel - Karin Slaughter I started and finished this latest offering in Slaughter's Georgia series within 36 hours, all the while telling myself that I really should slow down a bit as there won't be another book in the series for quite some time. (I'm hoping there will be more, as I've grown quite attached to Will, Sara and Faith, and even to Amanda!). Slaughter is one of those crime novelists (Elizabeth George is another) whose writing, in my view, has improved with time. Sure, it's not great literature, but it doesn't set out to be. However, Slaughter creates sympathetic and believable characters, a good sense of place and plots that hang together well with just the right amount of suspense and not too many totally implausible twists. She is definitely one of my favourite modern crime writers. This novel will appeal much more to readers who have already come to know its central characters than to those wanting a jumping off point for exploring a new author.

Postscript: I'm adding to this review two days after originally writing it, because I find myself still thinking about the characters from time to time. I find lots of modern crime fiction disposable: something to read once and (hopefully) enjoy. I don't tend to re-read modern crime fiction novels because (a) something new always comes along and (b)the writing is very often not good enough to bother, even if the story was compelling at the time. To realise that Karin Slaughter's characters have stayed with me after I've finished reading the novel indicates to me that she really is a good writer, not just a good story-teller. At some point, this will definitely be worth a re-read.