Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  - Stephen Fry, J.K. Rowling After really enjoying the first Harry Potter book and being somewhat underwhelmed by the second, I can truthfully say that I loved this one. I have now been sucked into the world that Rowling created. I was no longer bothered by the fact that her work is derivative. I was not even bothered by the fact that she puts slabs of exposition into dialogue, with, for example, villains explaining their villainy in exhaustive detail. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. At times I realised that I was holding my breath during a particularly exciting or suspenseful scene and I think that I even gasped every now and then. For me that's the mark of a truly good read.

Stephen Fry, as always, brings the world of the book to life. His voice for each character is distinct and appropriate. I suspect that listening to his narration has increased my enjoyment of Harry Potter exponentially. However, I'll only know that for sure if I actually read the books some day - which I probably will. I can't imagine this being a once only experience.

So now it's on to number 4!