The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street - Helene Hanff This is the chronicle of Helene Hanff's long delayed visit to London in the summer of 1971, following on from the publication of her well-known book 84, Charing Cross Road.

While it lacks the unselfconscious charm of 84 Charing Cross Road, this memoir is still full of exuberance and wit. For anyone who has at last travelled to a long dreamed-of country or city, the book brings to mind all of the anticipation, wonder and excitement of such an adventure.

As a traveller on her first visit to London, Hanff differs from many others who have been on a similar journey. Having written 84 Charing Cross Road, she found herself to be a celebrity with a particular connection to London, and her account of her time in the city is coloured by that experience.

Highly recommended to readers who love 84 Charing Cross Road, to those who love London and to anyone who has ever embarked on a pilgrimage inspired by books and reading.