Sprig Muslin (MP3 Book) - Sian Phillips, Georgette Heyer This is not one of the Georgette Heyer novels which I re-discover on a regular basis. While I have read it on more than one occasion in the past, I have never considered it to be one of my favourites.

Listening to the novel on audiobook over the past couple of days, I wondered why I've not appreciated it more. Sure, it's rather silly. Sir Gareth Ludlow, handsome, rich and honourable, decides to protect the headstrong and shockingly untruthful teenage girl, Amanda, who has run away from home with the intention of forcing her grandfather to consent to her marriage to her beloved. Adventures and hilarity ensue. But notwithstanding the slightness of the plot, this is a genuine romp. The hero is charming and all of the other characters are drawn with Heyer's usual light touch. The last third of the novel is more in the nature of a farce: it is genuinely funny and I found myself laughing out loud quite a lot.

Sian Phillips narrates the audiobook. She's not my favourite narrator of Heyer novels, and while she's not bad, her narration is not a reason to seek out the audiobook rather than read the text.

This was a very pleasant way to while away a few hours. It's not up there with Heyer's very best romances, but nor is it the least accomplished of her works. Overall, it's probably more of a 3-1/2 star experience.