The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: 1899-1936: The Making of a Detective Novelist - Dorothy L. Sayers, Barbara Reynolds This first volume of the letters of Dorothy L Sayers gave me much insight into the mind of one of my favourite novelists. Naturally enough, the letters written in childhood are not as interesting as the letters written later in life. But even as a child, Sayers exhibited the qualities she brought to her novels: wit, humour and a fierce intelligence. The letters she wrote to the man she loved, John Cournos are a highlight. These letters - angry, bitter, passionate and articulate - brought tears to my eyes. A letter written to a friend in defence of Gaudy Night (the friend evidently thought that the novel would not be popular) confirmed my impression of the passion and conviction Sayers brought to the writing of that particular book. These letters are indeed an amazing record of the character of the woman and the development of the novelist. Highly recommended.