No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer A buddy read with my friend Jemidar and worth closer to 3 1/2 stars.

The third last novel in my 2011 Heyer mysteries reading project, this is neither my favourite nor my least favourite of these novels.

I'll start with what I liked about it. As with all of Heyer's mysteries - and most of her other novels - this novel features seriously eccentric characters who engage in witty banter while doing strange things. If anything, the eccentricity is ramped up in this novel and I was kept laughing, which is no bad thing. Further, I actually didn't guess the culprit in advance. I should have and I probably would have if I hadn't entertained myself by deciding that one of the other characters was going to be the murderer because he wasn't an obvious suspect. Clearly, I should have explored the possibilities a bit more before committing myself. Finally, the "howdunnit" was ingenious and not readily guessable (although in relation to this, see below).

Now for the things I didn't like. There was an entirely unnecessary romantic moment tacked on to the last paragraph which didn't grow out of the narrative. And the "howdunnit", while ingenious, was possibly a little too ingenious for plausibility. Surely the murderer could have come up with a less complicated way of doing in the victim!

I wouldn't recommend this as a shining example of the Golden Age mystery genre. But, for someone dedicated to reading Heyer's entire oeuvre, or for someone dedicated to reading as many examples of 1930s mysteries as possible, it's not a bad way to while away a few hours.

It was also great fun to do as a buddy read. Thanks, Jemidar.