Death in the Stocks - Georgette Heyer
Yes, well, it's fair to say that Georgette Heyer was not the world's best mystery writer and the plotting in this one is not particularly strong. (I say this because I guessed the culprit early in the piece. It was just a process of elimination, as there weren't that many suspects to choose from!) But I still enjoyed listening to the audiobook of this novel. Most of the characters are unlikeable, but they are quite funny. I loved their in-depth discussions about how they could have been the murderer. I also loved Roger: he reminded me of one of the stock characters in Georgette Heyer's Regency romances: the disreputable but entertaining younger brother. I don't think Heyer's mysteries are anything like as good as her Regency romances, but for someone who grew up reading and loving those romances - or for someone with an interest in period mysteries - they still make rewarding reading.