The Snowman - Jo Nesbø I would have liked to have given this novel more than three stars. After all, it has a lot going for it: an exotic setting (Oslo and Bergen are about as far away from my part of the world as it's possible to get!), an interesting hero of the flawed-and-dealing-with-inner-demons variety and a pacy narrative. Plus the fact that there is generally something pretty compelling about the better Scandinavian crime fiction. All of these factors made this novel a much more than okay read. However, I can't say that I really loved it, let alone that it was amazing.

That said, I suspect the problems with this novel from my point of view are more to do with me than they are to do with the book. Firstly, I identified the killer about half way through. I don't mind feeling clever when reading crime fiction, but I really don't like being way ahead of the detective and feeling that he or she has missed some pretty major clues. Secondly, I am feeling somewhat jaded with serial killer stories in which the killer dreams up disturbingly complicated and bizarre ways of murdering his or her victims . I've been re-reading quite a lot of golden age mysteries recently and this may have decreased my tolerance for more extreme versions of the genre.

Anyway, I liked this novel enough to be reasonably confident I will read more by its author. I didn't like it enough to want to race out and buy Nesbo's entire oeuvre or to give away copies of this particular novel as birthday presents. Recommended for lovers of Scandanavian crime fiction and crime fiction fans with fairly strong stomachs, but it won't be for everyone.