Dubliners - James Joyce, Jim Norton
There's nothing I can say about this collection of fifteen short stories (or rather, fourteen short stories and one novella) which hasn’t been said thousands of times before. However, I can say that it's been a revelation to discover that Joyce's early work is so accessible. I found these stories - all of which provide glimpses of Dubliners at a particular moment of insight and self-realisation in their lives - utterly fascinating. They contain memorable characters, beautiful language and a strong sense of place and time. In keeping with the fact that the stories provide merely a glimpse into the lives of the characters, there is little in the way of dramatic resolution. Instead, readers are left to wonder what may have happened to the character next before moving on to another story and another character.

My experience of the work was considerable enhanced by listening to the audiobook narrated by Irish actor Jim Norton. He’s one of the best narrators I’ve heard and he really brought the characters to life. Norton has also narrated [b:Ulysses|338798|Ulysses|James Joyce|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1346161221s/338798.jpg|2368224] and I find myself no longer afraid of that particular work. In fact, I’m looking forward to listening to it.