Momofuku Milk Bar - Christina Tosi, David Chang
I haven't been there, but Momofuku in NYC is a close friend's very favourite restaurant in the world. Given my obsession with baking, it was a given that I'd be more interested in the desserty, cakey end of the Momofuku spectrum. It's full of recipes for ├╝ber-trendy sweet things with sometimes strange ingredients (potato crisps and pretzels in biscuits - sorry, cookies - anyone?). But the cakes appeal to me and my first effort, a chocolate chip cake with passionfruit curd filling, chocolate crunch and coffee frosting was delicious. Next week I'll be making the banana cake with banana cream filling, hazelnut crunch, chocolate hazelnut ganache and hazelnut frosting - a birthday cake for my Momofuku fan friend. Can't wait!